Birthday Party At Chuck E. Cheese’s

chuckMy son had his second birthday party this past weekend at Chuck E. Cheese’s, so I thought I would share my experience!  Let me tell you…..I am glad I do not have video from his first birthday because I was a wreck, we hosted his first birthday party at our house and I felt very overwhelmed making sure everything was perfect.  So much so, that I did not enjoy it, so I told my husband we would have his second birthday party somewhere else.  I looked into different options in our area and I ended up booking with Chuck E. Cheese’s.  They assign a server to you and they make sure everything runs smoothly.  Our server was amazing!  The table was set and ready to go about 10 minutes before his party time, we had brought in cupcakes, cake pops and balloons, so it took us approximately 5 seconds to set up!  They give you a playing card for each child attending your party and the birthday boy had a wrist band.  The kids play the games and then they announced on the loudspeaker when the pizza was ready.  The kids came back, ate and then went off to play again.  Next up was cake, they have multiple parties going on, so its fun to hear A LOT of people singing “Happy Birthday” at one time!  Chuck E. himself even comes out, but my son was NOT excited, LOL!  We then opened presents and the kids played yet again and then turned in all of their tickets for prizes.  It was not at all stressful and for mommy that was a win, I actually was able to be in the moment and enjoy it 🙂  We will definitely have his parties outside of our house every year!

Pantry Organization

This past weekend I organized my pantry and I cannot even begin to explain how happy it now makes me! Here is my pantry before I started….

I had everything in baskets from the dollar store, but it seemed very messy ALL the time.  I wanted minimal items that were easy to reach.  So the first thing I did was take EVERYTHING out:

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Then I applied my favorite contact paper to the back, I wanted to give it a little bit of character!

Then I started evaluating what I REALLY needed and used.  I thought about what I eat everyday, what my husband eats everyday, what my son eats everyday and what I use to make our dinners.

I sorted everything out according to category and then I did a little bit off research to see which storage option would work best for our pantry.  I used some containers I already had and I purchased a few as well.  On the top left I have glass containers with snacks in each one, super easy to grab if we are headed out the door!  Then I put crackers in containers I had purchased from IKEA.  I purchased a clear container to put bread, tortillas and rice cakes in, it turned out to be a perfect size.  The other containers I purchased were the containers for rice and pasta.  On the right I have my sons Easy Mac packages for quick access (I purchased the clear bins from Marshalls).

Here is the shelf below that, I have syrup, nut butters and honey in one container, then I have my Starbucks Verismo along with my canisters of coffee, tea and sugar.  Below that I have a basket of items that I do not use everyday, along with Pellegrino and paper towels.

On the top right I have my protein (I use everyday), my canned goods, cereal, oatmeal and breakfast bars.

Below that I have our toaster, paper plates, straws, water bottles and another catch all basket!

Here is the link for the baskets I used:

Wicker Baskets
On the very top of my pantry I placed all of my serving dishes.  Here is a picture of the completed makeover:

Thank you for reading!

-Kristin <3


Vision Board

pinterest vision 2

Vision Board

Its never too late right?  I meant to get this together at the beginning of the year, but a lot has been going on!  I do a lot of reading on successful people and their habits and one habit a lot of them have in common is visualization.  The point of a vision board is to look at it everyday and envision what your ideal life would look like!  I have also included some important words to focus on for this year.  My word of the year is “Transform” I am looking to transform my body, mind and spirit.  Another word I added to my board was “Simplify”  I am looking to simplify my life, make everything more routine, so there is less chaos and more time to enjoy life, bringing me to the other word I added which is “Meaningful.”  Last year I feel as if I missed out on a lot of meaningful time with my son, I was always rushing around to get things done.  This year I am going to be planning more time to actually “be in the moment” with my son!  I have added a picture of myself when I was in the best shape of my life, I am working very hard to get back to it.  My husband and I have been wanting to re-do the floors in our house for a long time, hence the wood photo.  Our backyard is dirt right now and I dream of a pool so very often 🙂  I grew up with a pool in my backyard, some of my best memories were made in my backyard, and I want the same for my son.  I tell my husband I desperately NEED an iMac 😉  I believe when I can buy a Range Rover I have officially “made it.”  My dream vacation is to go to Greece.  And I have also added a photo of my dream house that is on property with a wrap around porch…..drool 🙂  I will be incorporating more “rich habits” as Tom Corley calls them in “Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Strategies that Transformed 177 Average People into Self-Made Millionaires.”  I hope you follow me along my journey of TRANSFORMATION!

*The Working Out Working Mom is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to*