Lip Color to Look Younger!

lip color to look youngerI believe that there are many things we can do to look younger.  I have recently become slightly obsessed with anything and everything anti-aging,well, because I’m looking older than I feel!  One of the things we can do to look younger is pick a pink-ish lipstick.  Here I am wearing the Lipsense color Goddess and Mauve Ice:


Here are a few more colors I recommend as well!

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Work From Home

My dreams are coming true!  I am embarking on a journey to work from home and I want to take you along with me!  Ever since I was little, all I wanted to do was be a mommy.  I would hold all and any babies I came across, there is something about babies that makes me want to have a million (if I only had a million dollars!)  I was married 6 years before I got pregnant and we waited awhile because of our financial situation, we always thought that we couldn’t afford to have kids.  We finally said “we aren’t getting any younger” and my dreams of becoming a mommy finally came into fruition.  It was VERY hard for me to go back to my full time job, my first day back I was in a haze (maybe because of a lack of sleep), but when I came home I started crying my eyes out when I saw my son, my heart just wanted to be with him all the time.  He is now 2 and that feeling never went away.  I drop him at daycare in the morning and he cries EVERY time, and my heart is heavy every day.  I felt as if I was failing because all I ever wanted to be was a stay-at-home mom.  But, we have a mortgage, bills and debt we need to pay off.  I have done a bit of research and I found network marketing and it spoke to my heart.  This may sound weird because it is a business that most people are turned off by.  It is simple, but you do have to work hard!  What I love most about network marketing is that it focuses on personal development.  Anyone can do it as long as you work on yourself and FOCUS on building your business.  I am excited to now be working from home and spending time with my son!   I will be taking you on this journey with me 🙂



Closet Organization

I have to tell you guys, I am so beyond thrilled with my closet makeover!  It’s been a long time coming, I used to hate to walk into my closet, or put away clothes, there was just so….much….stuff!  Even when I did clean it, it never felt clean.  So I looked up a few ideas on Pinterest and then got to work!  Here are some scary before photos:

As you can see, it was chaos!  We had way too much stuff literally stuffed into our closet.  My husband had a million hats and shirts he had not worn in over 10 years and I had a lot of things I to get rid of as well. The first thing I did was take EVERYTHING out of our closet.  I had so many things that I had not worn in years, bathing suits from when I was at my smallest and I know I will probably never fit into again, shoes, pants, jackets I had not worn in who knows how long, scarves (I never wear), even multiple bath robes.  I went through my pile and I kept only clothes that I feel good in and/or needed, this limited the amount by so much, in the end I got rid of 10 black garbage bags full of clothing!  One thing I did that made A HUGE difference was to put my shoes above my hanging clothes.  So now, there is only my husbands shoe rack on the floor and our hamper.  I had my husband build an additional shelf on the left hand side of my closet, above the hamper, which took away hanging space, but I didn’t need it anymore!  The difference is just amazing, the morning after it was finishes I stood in my closet and drank my coffee, it is such a nice space now!

This is standing in the doorway

This is the left hand side (the corner)

This was a very refreshing project!

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Walmart Vs. Dollar Tree

I’m always looking for good deals, something I have learned recently is that you can get items at the Dollar Tree for a better price than Walmart!  Here are a few things I picked up and here are the price comparisons:

Colgate Kids:

Walmart: 4.6 ounces for $2.44= $0.53 per ounce

Dollar Tree: 3.5 ounces for $1.00= $0.28 per ounce

Pure silk shaving cream:

Walmart: 14.5 ounces for $3.54= $0.24 per ounce

Dollar Tree: 5 ounces for $1.00= $0.20 per ounce

Crest 3D White Toothpaste:

Walmart 14.4 ounces for $9.97= $0.69 per ounce

Dollar Tree 2.5 ounces for $1.00= $0.40 per ounce

As you can see, Dollar Tree is a great place to save a little bit of money!  These are prices from my local Walmart (prices may be different in different areas).  I also quoted Walmart on the best prices they had for the specific item and Dollar Tree still won!

Giants Baseball Game

This past weekend we took Timmy to a Giants baseball game!  He LOVES watching baseball on TV, so we knew he would love it!  He is at a really fun age to explore new things!  On a good day, we can get to San Francisco in about two hours.  However, on Sunday, it took us about 4 hours!  We did stop to eat, but there was MAJOR traffic.  To save some money, we used a coupon to eat at Carl’s Jr. on the way down, so we didn’t have to eat at the park.  I also packed a variety of snacks for us and a few water bottles.  I was super proud of Timmy, he didn’t complain at all on the ride down!  Once we got to San Francisco, it took us awhile to find parking because a lot of the lots were full. We found parking on Pier 30, once we parked, unloaded and walked out of the parking lot, there was a nice English gentleman that asked us if we wanted a ride on his pedicab, heck yes, we were running late!


Once we got into the park, we of course had to use the restrooms and then we went to find our seats.  It was mid 60’s outside, but sitting directly in the sunn definatkey made it feel warmer!  Timmy really enjoyed watching the game!

We headed out before the last inning just to beat the crowd, we ate a snack on some grass near the water.  It was a gorgeous day!

Sacramento Zoo

On Spring Break we headed to the Sacramento Zoo with my brother and his family.  It is only about a 45 minute drive from where I live, so it is a fun little trip.  This zoo has more than 500 native, rare and endangered animals.  Originally this zoo opened in 1927, and has grown since then.  When we first walked in, we visited the Flamingos and when I asked Timmy what color they were he said “o-o-o-orange” which was a bit true, they were more orange than pink!  We then saw the very large Hornbills and a couple of them were fighting over a branch, they are so big, it was cool to see.  We then went to see the red panda, he was sleeping like always.  The kangaroos were up next and they were hopping around for us, there was even a baby (maybe a teenager) I’m not so sure, lol 🙂  The snow leopard and the tiger were not out, but we did see the lions lounging in the heat.  We witnessed the orangutan playing around, and the lemurs came right up to the edge to visit us 🙂  The Zoo does offer a feeding time to feed the giraffes, but the line was so long we opted out.  A little guy I had never seen before was a fox, he was such a cute little thing.  And last, but my favorite were the otters, they are literally THE cutest.  For the kiddos, they have a playground, a train that you can hop on to take you around the zoo, and a carousel.  We were super hungry by the time we were done with the animals, so we headed to lunch!  All in all it was a super fun day for the kiddos 🙂