Anti-Aging Morning Routine

Are you looking for an anti-aging morning skincare routine?  Ever since having my son, I feel as if fine lines are showing up more and more.  I have been using this skin care routine for about 3 months now and I have seen an incredible difference! I am sharing with you my morning routine.  Here is my before and after photo (no filters!)

Skincare routine before and after

Here is the morning step by step routine I have been using:

Anti-aging morning skincare routine

  1.  Wash face with SeneGence 3 in 1 cleanser (I use normal to dry).  Other options include Dry, Normal to Oily and Oily to Acne.  This cleanser does 3 things, cleanses, tones and hydrates while helping to maintain skin’s moisture.
  2. Sene-Serum-C: Works to repair damaged skin while helping to create healthier, firmer and younger-looking skin.  The stabilized Vitamin C increases collagen production!
  3. DayTime Moisturizer (I use normal to dry).  Delivers anti-aging botanicals that work to balance moisture and naturally hydrate the skin.
  4. EyeLuminator: A rich blend of oils and vitamins that work to diminish fine lines around the eyes.  It moisturizes as well as brightens and highlights around the eye.

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