Anti-Aging Morning Routine

Are you looking for an anti-aging morning skincare routine?  Ever since having my son, I feel as if fine lines are showing up more and more.  I have been using this skin care routine for about 3 months now and I have seen an incredible difference! I am sharing with you my morning routine.  Here is my before and after photo (no filters!)

Skincare routine before and after

Here is the morning step by step routine I have been using:

Anti-aging morning skincare routine

  1.  Wash face with SeneGence 3 in 1 cleanser (I use normal to dry).  Other options include Dry, Normal to Oily and Oily to Acne.  This cleanser does 3 things, cleanses, tones and hydrates while helping to maintain skin’s moisture.
  2. Sene-Serum-C: Works to repair damaged skin while helping to create healthier, firmer and younger-looking skin.  The stabilized Vitamin C increases collagen production!
  3. DayTime Moisturizer (I use normal to dry).  Delivers anti-aging botanicals that work to balance moisture and naturally hydrate the skin.
  4. EyeLuminator: A rich blend of oils and vitamins that work to diminish fine lines around the eyes.  It moisturizes as well as brightens and highlights around the eye.

You can get all of these items in my online store here!



8 Tips to Protect Your Skin From the Sun

Protect your skin from the sun:

Do you know the main cause of wrinkles? Sun exposure! I wish someone had told me this when I was a bit younger (or maybe they did and I didn’t listen!).  Here are some tips:

Wear sunscreen! The American Academy of Dermatology calls for a minimum SPF of 30 and needs to be water resistant.  You need to be re-applying every 2 hours.  I apply Australian Gold’s sunscreen when I am in a hurry.  When I am applying my full face makeup, I am protected from my moisturizer and my foundation! (It contains SeneShield: helps protect skin from immediate free-radical damage)

Wear a wide brim hat with sun protective fabric.  I purchased mine at REI and it has a 50 UPF rating.

Wear large sunglasses that provide 100 percent UV protection. (UV400)

Protect your lips:  I wear LipSense so my lips are always protected (SeneShield), but I do keep Sun Bum handy as well!

Protect your hands: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Moisturizing Hand Cream has an SPF of 30

Wear protective clothing.  There are a wide range of options out there!

Walk in shade if possible!

Keep in mind that UVA rays penetrate glass, so your skin can be damaged indoors as well.

-Kristin 🙂

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5 Reasons to Ice Your Face

Did you know that icing your face has many benefits? Here are the benefits of ice:

-Reduces and delays appearance of wrinkles

-Reduces pimples and inflammation

-Shrinks enlarged pores

-Relieves swollen eyes

-Improves blood circulation to your skin, making it bright

I ice my face after I wash it, before applying anything else.  You can use ice cubes, or Amazon sells Ice Rollers.  I absolutely love using ice and you should incorporate it into your beauty routine ASAP 🙂

-Kristin 🙂

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Face Towels

What towel are you using to wash and dry your face everyday morning and night?  Are you using the same towel you used for your body?  A washcloth you used to dry your face the night before?  Well don’t! 🙂  They have bacteria on them and you definitely don’t want them touching your face.  What I did awhile ago was purchase about 20 washcloths.  I use a new one every time I wash my face, day and night.  And having 20 lasts me 10 days, so I don’t ever run out!  You can find inexpensive ones at the Dollar Tree (pack of 4 for $1.00) or places like Target or Walmart.  I also purchased a super soft one for nights that I give myself a mini facial 🙂


Anti Aging Hands

Do you know that our hands are the first to show signs of aging?  This is because the skin on your hands is very thin and prone to wrinkle faster.  I personally put my hands through the ringer!  I have never thought about caring for my hands, but now I am protecting and preventing further aging.  Here are some helpful tips!

  1.  Clean your hands with a gentle cleanser such as: Mrs. Meyers Lavender Hand Soap. You can also use a body wash as a hand soap as well!  Such as Aveeno’s Skin Relief Fragrance Free Body Wash or Dove sensitive skin body wash.  Carry a gentle cleanser with you as well, so you’re not using the harsh soap in public restrooms.
  2. Moisturize often.  Apply a hand cream every time you wash your hands and often throughout the day.  I use an amazing hand cream from my company:

Some others include: Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, Weleda Skin Food, and Yes To Coconut Hydrate & Restore Protecting Hand & Cuticle Cream.

3. Protect your hands!  I am adamant about applying sunscreen to my face, but I have never thought about applying it to my hands…until now! I don’t leave home without it on!  I use my son’s sunscreen: Babyganics Mineral-Based Baby Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 50. Also, for protection, wear gloves!  When doing the dishes, cleaning or gardening, make sure you’re protecting those puppies!

4. Treat before bed.  Exfoliate with a scrub like St. Ives Fresh Skin Face Scrub Apricot, then apply a hand cream, or coconut oil, wrap in plastic wrap and put on gloves to wear overnight.  Your hands will be silky smooth in the morning!

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Anti Aging Foods

There are many foods that you can incorporate into your diet to help with your skin!  I am going to be sharing which foods I incorporate into my diet and why!

  1.  Pomegranate Seeds: these are loaded with antioxidants (antioxidants protect the skin by limiting the production of free radicals, which can damage skin cells) and vitamin C (helps make collagen)
  2. Dark Chocolate: contains flavanols which increase blood flow to the skin
  3. Blueberries: contain a high level of antioxidants
  4. Avocado- contains mono saturated fat which helps the skin stay hydrated
  5. Green Tea- contains catechins (prevents sun damage) and polyphenols (an antioxidant)
  6. Oranges- loaded with water (hydrate skin and cells) and vitamin C (helps make collagen)
  7. Spinach- contains beta-carotene (protects from sun damage) and lutein (helps skin elasticity)

These are foods I try to incorporate everyday!  I hope you can too 🙂


Anti-Aging Tips To Incorporate Now

I am now at an age where I can truly see myself aging.  I can and will do anything to help my skin look young!  Here are some easy tips to incorporate right away, no matter what age, start now!

  1. Drink a gallon of water a day.  This may seem like a lot, and yes, you will have to use the restroom a lot, but, it is beneficial in so many ways.
  2. Sleep on your back.  If you are a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper, you are squishing your face into the pillow and causing wrinkles!  Back sleeping is so hard for me to do and it is currently a work in progress. (I will keep you updated.)
  3. Exercise.  By increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells.
  4. Use sunscreen. EVERYDAY.  Do you know you can be exposed to the sun even when you’re in your house?  I apply everyday and if I’m going outside I always wear a hat and sunglasses.
  5. Use a humidifier in your room at night.  Doing so will keep the air moist and your skin dewy!

These are easy to incorporate so do them as soon as possible!


Lip Color to Look Younger!

lip color to look youngerI believe that there are many things we can do to look younger.  I have recently become slightly obsessed with anything and everything anti-aging,well, because I’m looking older than I feel!  One of the things we can do to look younger is pick a pink-ish lipstick.  Here I am wearing the Lipsense color Goddess and Mauve Ice:


Here are a few more colors I recommend as well!

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