7 Hospital Bag Must Haves For Mommy

Hospital Bag Must Haves

Today I will be sharing 7 of the must have items I had in my hospital bag. I tried to keep what I brought to a minimum. I was in labor for two days, so I was exhausted by the time my son arrived and I did not take a shower, so I did not need shower gel, a bath towel, etc.
1. Lipbalm
2. Hair Ties
While in labor, the 2 things I recommend are lipbalm and hair ties. For some reason, your lips get very chapped and no one wants hair in their face while trying to push!
3. Robe and Non Slip Socks
While you are in labor, you are in a hospital gown, but after, you do want to get into something a little more comfortable. I purchased a zip up robe and it was amazing for when I needed to nurse (or try to nurse) my son.  The hospital is a little chilly, so you do want to bring some non slip socks!
4. Face Wash/ Face Moisturizer
5. Toothbrush/ Toothpaste
Because I was in labor for so long, the one thing that made me feel human again was washing my face and brushing my teeth. So I recommend bringing face wash, face moisturizer, a toothbrush and toothpaste.
6. Nursing bra or Nursing tank
I personally wore a nursing tank while in the hospital, they are super comfy!
7. Maxi Dress
Maxi dresses are the perfect “going home” outfit for mommy 🙂

What are some of the must have items you needed in your hospital bag?



Trader Joe’s Best List

Trader Joe's

I’m back with some more of my favorites from Trader Joe’s!


TJ’s: $2.19/dozen

Walmart: $2.25/dozen

String Cheese:

TJ’s: $2.99

Walmart: $2.98

Brown Rice:

TJ’s: $2.99

Walmart: (I’m comparing Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice) $5.52

TJ’s is the best brown rice EVER!  The box contains 3 frozen pouches, you microwave one pouch for 3 minutes.  One bag is enough for a dinner side for my husband, my son and I.  Try it and you’ll never go back!





Trader Joe’s Best List

I am a Trader Joe’s lover like a lot of other people and for good reason!  They have quality products and many of them are more affordable than any other grocery store!  I am going to start sharing items I purchase at Trader Joe’s and compare them to Walmart prices.

My first 3 items are:

Joe’s O’s: $1.99 for 15 ounces =.13 per ounce

Cheerios at Walmart: $3.64 for 21 ounces = .17 per ounce

Bananas at Trader Joe’s: .19 each= .95

My 5 bananas were 2 lbs which would have equaled .47 per pound

Bananas at Walmart: .52/pound

Orange Juice at Trader Joe’s: $1.99 for 64 ounces

Orange Juice at Walmart: $2.58 for 64 ounces

Do you love Trader Joe’s too? What items do you buy?

-Kristin 🙂


5 Reasons to Ice Your Face

Did you know that icing your face has many benefits? Here are the benefits of ice:

-Reduces and delays appearance of wrinkles

-Reduces pimples and inflammation

-Shrinks enlarged pores

-Relieves swollen eyes

-Improves blood circulation to your skin, making it bright

I ice my face after I wash it, before applying anything else.  You can use ice cubes, or Amazon sells Ice Rollers.  I absolutely love using ice and you should incorporate it into your beauty routine ASAP 🙂

-Kristin 🙂

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Walmart Vs. Dollar Tree

I grabbed a few things from Dollar Tree and I am comparing them to Walmart prices! I compare the cheapest items I can find at Walmart so it is fair 🙂

AAA batteries: Walmart: $7.47 for (16)= 0.47 each compared to Dollar Tree: $1.00 for (8)= 0.13 each (Dollar Tree’s batteries do say “ideal for low drain devices”) we use these for remotes and kids’ toys!

AA batteries: Walmart $9.20 for (16)= 0.58 each compared to Dollar Tree: (same as above)

Cotton balls: Walmart $3.68 for (400)= 0.0092 each compared to Dollar Tree: $1.00 for 100= 0.01 each

Hair Elastics: Walmart $3.84 for (30) = 0.13 each compared to Dollar Tree: $1.00 for (15)= 0.06 each

Tape: Walmart $6.43 for 4 (pack of 4 at 1,000 inches each)=  $1.60 each compared to Dollar Tree: $1.00 for 1,000 inches

Dollar Tree did not win everything this go round, Walmart out beats the price on cotton balls!

Money Saving Tips

I cringe when I think about money going out of my pocket when I could have saved it.  A perfect example is one day I had a horrible headache, I didn’t have any pain reliever on me and I was not near my house.  I was with my husband it pained me to ask him to buy Advil from a gas station….4 Advil were about $2.  I know, its only $2, but I know I can get 80 at the Dollar Tree for the same price!  Now I have Ibuprofen in my glove box, lesson learned!  Here are a few of my money saving tips!

  1. Water!  When dining out, always order water, it is better for you anyway!  Also, always travel with water.  I have a 32 ounce Hydro Flask that is always on my person, why? Because I don’t want to find myself dying of thirst, only to be buying a $1.50 bottle of water…waste of money!!!
  2. Get rid of your cable!  My husband and I were paying around $250 per month for cable, how ridiculous is that?  It wasn’t a hard decision for me to make since I rarely watch TV.  We now have Netflix and we both enjoy it and its only $10 per month!  When I need a Real Housewives fix, I visit my mom who records them all and we have a girls night.  My husband does miss watching sports, but he will usually have a guys day/night with one of his friends if he really wants to watch it.
  3. Meal planning.  I have this down to a T.  I make a list of the dinners we are eating for the week, make my list and I do not deviate from the list.  Its like a game to me to see how low I can get our grocery bill.  We don’t buy many snacks or drinks, again, keeps the lbs off as well!  Believe me, if I had a bunch of cookies in my pantry, well, I would never leave my pantry!
  4. Thrift stores!  Thrift stores are heaven to me, maybe its just me, but when I find a great shirt and it is only $6, I feel like I have won the lottery!  The way I shop at thrift stores is I actually go in looking for key pieces, it makes it a lot easier when there is SO much.  So I will go in looking for a gray cardigan and a pair of jeans for example, and most of the time I find what I’m looking for!
  5. This has been a HUGE help for me.  Amazon, oh Amazon, how I love thee, but you make it so easy to spend money!  Something that has helped me, is that anything that I find on Amazon I place it in my cart and tell myself I can only buy on Monday, so I will go into my cart on Monday and see what it is I REALLY need.  It makes me really look at what I’m buying and the prices instead of “BUY NOW” button that has bitten me so many times!

I hope you can incorporate some of these tips too!


Lip Color to Look Younger!

lip color to look youngerI believe that there are many things we can do to look younger.  I have recently become slightly obsessed with anything and everything anti-aging,well, because I’m looking older than I feel!  One of the things we can do to look younger is pick a pink-ish lipstick.  Here I am wearing the Lipsense color Goddess and Mauve Ice:


Here are a few more colors I recommend as well!

Photo Nov 25, 9 16 36 PMPhoto Nov 25, 9 28 53 PMPhoto Nov 25, 10 06 20 PMPhoto Nov 25, 10 17 28 PMPhoto Nov 25, 10 21 02 PMPhoto Nov 25, 10 38 15 PM