How To Track Your Workouts

I have to give credit to my brother for this post!  I started working out in his home gym and he asked me how I tracked my workouts and I said “ummmm…I don’t” and he looked at me like I had just committed a crime!  LOL  He basically asked me “How do you know if your improving if you’re not tracking how much you’re lifting and how many reps your doing?”  And my answer was basically that I didn’t know!  When I worked out on my own at the gym, I had a general idea of new how much weight I could lift with a certain exercise and I would do 10-12 reps with that weight.  My brother has taught me that I need to be tracking how much weight and how many reps I do each week and the following week I need to be increasing my weight or increasing my reps.  So, here is the app he showed me and it is really easy to use!  It is called BodySpace, this is what it looks like when you open it up, to track a workout, you click on My Workouts

Then you click on Track A Workout

If you are just starting, click on “Without Using A Template”

From there, you can enter a rest timer if you want, it will then bring you to a screen, where you can start adding your specific exercises, you can search at the top by exercise type, muscle group and/or equipment.  Once you find your workout, click on it, and it will ask you how many sets you want to do, and you click “add 3 sets” for example

It will then, start tracking it for you. And once you complete a set of that exercise, you enter in how many pounds you lifted and how many reps you completed and click “save set”.

Once you’ve completed your sets, you can “Add Exercise” or once your done, you would click “Workout Done”

Start tracking your workouts and improving every week, or my brother will yell at you 😉



Finding time to work out

With my schedule I found it very hard to take my son to the gym childcare right after I picked him up from daycare because I would be done with the gym around 7pm and once we got home, it was dinnertime, then bath time and then bedtime……that didn’t give me fulfillment as a mommy!  The evening is the only time I get to spend with him and I wanted to enjoy it!  So what I have decided to do is workout at 5am,  my husband and my son are still sleeping by the time I get back from the gym. I also have some extra time on my hands, I make myself breakfast, shower and get ready before my son gets up! (He wakes up around 7am)  This has been the key to consistency because no one interrupts your gym plans at 5am, most people aren’t even awake!  If you go after work, people can interfere more, like “let’s go out to dinner” or “do you want to go to HomeGoods?”  Who can resist HomeGoods??!!!

I’m not going to lie, it is very hard to try to wake up at 4:30 in the morning!  My best advice is to go to sleep as early as you can.  I try to go to sleep right after I put my son down, I aim to be asleep before 9pm.

I also purchased an amazing alarm clock that simulates the sun rising, I place it right next to my bed on my nightstand.  It gradually gets brighter and then an alarm goes off.  I also have an alarm set on my phone for about 5 minutes after the other alarm goes off.  I set this to Alicia Keys “Girl On Fire” this pumps up…… or sometimes scares me lol!

Working out in the morning has really changed my life in so many positive ways!

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