Teaching a Toddler Colors

Teaching A Toddler Colors

When I used to ask my son “what color is this” his answer was always “blue” I was stating to worry he was color blind (I’m a little crazy like that) so I started to go through colors with him a lot!  A few things I did was ask him about anything and everything that we would see or touch, like “what color is this banana?”  or “what color are your shoes?” I also did flashcards with him (he wasn’t very interested in those), read a color book (hit and miss), but, I did come across these color eggs that he absolutely loves, he plays with them all the time!  At first I had to help him open the eggs because his little hands weren’t quite strong enough yet, but he quickly caught on.  Each egg has a different color inside, so I would break each one open and say “what color is this?”  and they truly worked because he enjoyed playing with them for a long period of time!  If you are teaching your little one colors, I highly recommend these!

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